There’s a lot more to equality and diversity than simply making sure your workplace includes a variety of genders, races, ages, nationalities and religions.

At Saffron we have a sound knowledge of the issues and what they mean in practice.

We also know that people learn best when they are given training in context. So we use relevant, recognisable scenarios and we ask the learner to use their existing knowledge and their personal experience to engage with the topic.

This combination of knowledge and expertise means that we are best placed to deliver training that:

  • Meets your legal obligations
  • Equips your people with a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities
  • Provides your employees with the skills to identify and appropriately deal with situations relating to diversity and equality

We’ll work with you to help you create an inclusive and diverse workplace in which people from all backgrounds and circumstances can thrive and develop.

Download a sample blended diversity solution for a telecom company

You can also order your copy of the Blended Learning Cookbook, which has over 28 recipes covering a wide range of training solutions and types of organisation, by filling in our online contact form. Alternatively, you can buy the Cookbook direct from Amazon.

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