Why take the risk?

With an ever increasing number of new and updated regulations to comply with, you might be concerned about the cost of training your people. But what about the costs of non compliance? If your business breaches regulations you could face large fines and penalties, prosecution and internal disciplinary consequences. Not to mention the damage to your reputation – in the worst case scenarios, this could lead to loss of contracts with customers and suppliers, stock value plummeting and even bankruptcy. Of course, it probably won’t ever come to that for you, but why take the risk?

Whether it’s health and safety regulations or rules imposed by watchdogs and regulators like Ofcom, the FSA, the ASA or the OFT, spending more on an effective, well designed regulatory compliance solution to train your people is an investment worth making.

We’ve delivered regulatory compliance training via online courses (using innovative navigation, interaction and graphics to engage learners and break down the barriers people have to this type of training), and our unique i-Cast™ technology (providing bite sized nuggets of training and refresher modules whenever and wherever it suits the learner).

Whatever your industry, regulatory compliance needs or budget, get in touch and we’ll help you find a solution that’s both cost efficient and effective – allowing you to rest assured that you and your people are doing exactly what you should be.

If you need to train your people in regulatory compliance related topics, contact us to find out more about the various options that are open to you.

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