Would you know what to do?

Would you know what to do if you suspected someone of money laundering? Can you recognise the warning signs of fraud? Did you know that you could face a fine or imprisonment if you don’t notice or report suspicious behaviour that could suggest financial crime?

Fraud management, anti money laundering and other kinds of financial crime training are hot topics at the moment – you can’t afford to take risks with your people. It’s not just the big bosses who could commit fraud, and letting financial crime happen is an offence in itself. So you need to be sure that all your people know what to do, what not to do, and what to look out for.

We’ve delivered this kind of training in a few different formats. Online, we’ve found a scenario driven approach is really successful in illustrating just how easy it can be to wander into dangerous territory, or to miss the warning signs right under your nose. Recent courses on these topics presented learners with familiar situations, the kind of thing they’d face every day at work, and then confronted them with a difficult decision – ‘what would you do?’ As well as providing immediate feedback, the training also includes a clear and full explanation of why a particular choice is the best one. And, of course, it answers that all important question: what’s in it for me? What are the consequences of making the wrong decision and the benefits of making the right decision?

We’ve also delivered anti money laundering training via our unique i-Cast™ solution, direct to people’s phones at a time that suits them. The learners follow the story of Daniel, an employee who comes across a suspicious situation. As they listen to Daniel’s conversations with customers and colleagues and to the news bulletins he hears himself (and draw on their own experience, knowledge or instinct to answer questions and make recommendations along the way), learners discover what money laundering actually covers, how to spot it and what to do if you are suspicious. A short, relevant, interactive and varied solution gets people up to speed in a matter of minutes.

e-Learning and i-Cast™ are just the tip of the iceberg. If you need to train your people in financial crime related topics, contact us to find out more about the various options that are open to you.

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