Data protection doesn’t have to be dull

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you can’t fail to have heard about the high profile data breaches that have hit the headlines over the past few years.

With the media spotlight firmly on the way in which companies and the government handle personal data, you can’t leave anything to chance. One high profile slip up can have huge consequences in terms of corporate reputation, customer satisfaction and confidence, commercial advantage and financial and criminal repercussions.

So it’s more important than ever that you can have confidence in your people to behave appropriately, to make the right choices and to do the right thing.

We firmly believe that the way to achieve this is to train your people in data protection and information retention topics in a way that demonstrates their relevance to their everyday working lives.

Data protection training doesn’t have to be dull – we’ve recently delivered a one hour training course on the topic that takes a fresh look at compliance. We developed an innovative look and feel and incorporated videos that reflect the kinds of situations users experience everyday. This scenario driven concept was combined with a learn by doing approach which asked learners to make difficult choices, identify potential risks and recommend improved behaviours – getting them fully prepared to do the same thing in real life.

We also offered a virtual briefcase of resources – some of which were useful takeaways (an at-a-glance list of dos and don’ts, for instance) and others which were integral to the training (newspaper articles based on real events to help inform their decisions).

Finally, we made sure to speak in a voice that the learners would respond to. We took the focus away from words like ‘policy’ and ‘legislation’, away from horror stories and threats of jail sentences and away from a top down ‘this is what you must do’ message. Instead we focused on how data protection affects individual people (as employees, consumers and service providers) and what they can do to avoid falling into potentially unlawful situations.

All in all, this approach was a great success – users and stakeholders agreed that we’d delivered something that wouldn’t simply tick the compliance boxes but would really make a difference to behaviours and performance.

If you’re interested in breaking the mould of data protection training and delivering something that will actually make a difference (to your people and to your business), contact us to discuss your requirements.

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