We didn’t know you could do that with e-learning!

That’s the kind of feedback we work towards every day. We believe in delivering e-learning that makes eye contact. What does that mean?

Think about one of the worst classroom learning experiences you’ve had and one of the best. What’s the difference? The chances are that in one case you’re picturing someone reading from a list of bullet points, making no effort to engage the audience. And in the other you’re picturing someone involving the audience, encouraging interaction – and making eye contact.

Below you can see just some of the ways we add value to our client’s businesses by producing bespoke e-learning solutions and online learning solutions that really do engage, persuade and change their people. And on the right are some other things you might be interested in reading about too.


We believe in taking the learner’s side and producing e-learning programmes that are easy and intuitive to use. We also understand that you can’t afford for them to spend operational time trying to work out what they’re meant to be doing. That’s why we include clear, simple and useful navigational tools allowing the learner to move through the course at their own pace and access resources and e-learning tools as and when they need them.

On screen coaches

There’s a lot to be said for making e-learning tools a little bit personal. On screen coaches, narrators, pedagogical agents – whatever you call them, using a character to guide the learner through the course is a great way to emulate the face to face nature of classroom training and create the feeling of a conversation.

Interaction and scenarios

What makes great classroom training great? Often it’s the instructor involving the audience, encouraging interaction – and making eye contact. We believe online training is no different. Our e-learning solutions are fully interactive, using activities, quizzes and highly developed scenarios to draw in the learner. Find out more about why and how we do this by visiting our Golden rules page.


Our briefcase feature has been used for everything from storing resources and e-learning tools to emulating the in-tray exercises used in classroom training. It can be an optional tool or an integral part of the learning and can include tools such as free text notepads, emails and voicemail messages, newspaper articles and activities folders. It doesn’t even have to be a briefcase – maybe a desk, filing cabinet or computer desktop is more in keeping with your company culture?

Performance indicators

Sometimes a knowledge test at the end of an e-learning course isn’t enough – sometimes you want your learners to see how they’re doing while they’re working through the training. We can build in performance indicators that measure how well they’re doing as they answer questions, complete tasks or make decisions. This flags up weaker areas early on and spurs them on when they’re on a roll.


There’s a lot you can do with video these days. You can have a message from your CEO to open the training, video testimonials from some of your employees, interviews with your subject matter experts or dramatised scenarios using actors. You can film in a studio, on location or in virtual worlds (using green or blue screen). We’ve done all of these things and more.


Do you need to roll a course out globally to users who can’t necessarily speak English? We’ve got a wealth of experience in translating e-learning courses into languages ranging from French and Spanish to Arabic, Turkish, Japanese and Mandarin. We can manage everything from the written translation to finding foreign language voiceovers.


Interaction doesn’t have to mean inaccessibility. All our e-learning solutions are fully accessible for hearing, sight or mobility impaired users. We’ll also work with you to develop solutions to any more specific requirements you may have.


If you’ve got an LMS, we’ll create content which is SCORM or AICC compliant. And if you haven’t got an LMS but still need a trackable solution, we’ll create a bespoke back end which gives you exactly what you need.


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