Blueprints for e-learning best practice

Since we produced the first edition of the Blended Learning Cookbook, the world has changed a great deal. When we talk about ‘the blend’, we no longer simply mean a mix of traditional e-learning and classroom training and the concept of the standalone ‘course’ is arguably redundant.

e-Learning now offers learners sophisticated and varied options to support their learning. Meanwhile, the development of read-write technology for the web has seen the addition of wikis, blogs and social networking sites to the blend, building communities of learners and making their experience truly interactive. This, along with new ways of using video, gaming and podcasts has taken blended learning to new and exciting levels, not only forming an integral part of formal training interventions but also in supporting continuous informal learning.

The Blended Learning Cookbook provides practitioners with examples of outstanding successes and blueprints for best practice. This Cookbook is for anyone who wishes to improve the effectiveness of their current training interventions, who wants to understand how e-learning can be integrated into a broader learning process and for anyone looking for innovative approaches to training.

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