Your problem

You need to train your people in key compliance topics like data protection and competition law every year or two. But your people are often out an about, so finding an hour to sit down and take an online training course isn’t always easy.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could find out quickly and easily whether or not they need to take the training?


Our solution

We’ve developed a range of compliance assessments that can be accessed any time, any where. Each Assure assessment is a standalone application which your people can download directly to their Mobile devices.

An Assure assessment has the following key benefits:

  • It’s fully trackable The assessment links back to your existing LMS so you can record completion rates and assessment scores. So Saffron Assure is immediately a useful part of your broader learning strategy.
  • It’s interactive Rather than simply presenting your people with an endless list of multiple choice questions, we’ve developed a range of activities to make up each assessment.
  • It’s convenient Assure assessments can be completed at a time and place that suits the learner – whether that’s at home before breakfast, on the train on the way to work or during a few quiet minutes between meetings.
  • It maximises operational time Instead of being required to take a full training course every two years to ensure compliance, your people can now take bite sized diagnostic assessments to determine whether or not they need to revisit the training in full.

Download a PDF of the key benefits of Assure assessments for future reference. 

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