Producing systems training based on screen captures used to be a long, drawn out and limited process. The extent of those limitations became clear to us when we were asked to develop a large scale systems project to be deployed across the globe in multiple languages – in a very short timescale.

So did we make do with the automated tools available on the market and risk delivering something sub-standard or late – or both?

No, instead Saffron rose to the challenge and developed a new solution – i-Capture™.

i-Capture™ has transformed the scope of bespoke systems training and has the following key benefits:

  • The screen capturing process is both simplified and speeded up
  • It can easily be scaled to support large scale projects and multiple translations
  • The project can be worked on by many people across the world at any one time
  • Your SMEs and translators have the freedom to add and edit content simultaneously and with no fuss

You can find out just how successful i-Capture™ was on that initial Hilton International project by visiting the Award winning projects page. Since then, we’ve used the tool to develop a wide range of projects for clients including BT, Red Bull, Business Link and Setanta – take a look at the Systems page to find out more.

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