At Saffron, we are passionate about learning. Our business is based on our belief that learning should, and can, be fun. And all our learning solutions embody our values of creativity, individuality, independent thinking and, above all, excellence.

Saffron Assure

It’s not always easy to train and refresh your people in key compliance topics. Saffron Assure is a range of assessments that can be accessed any time, any where – all you need is a BlackBerry.

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Content Development Kits

Often you need content that is, on the whole, generic, but with some bespoke elements tailored to your organisation. We’ve got the solution – Saffron’s Content Development Kits.

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Saffron’s unique i-Capture™ screen capturing solution has transformed the scope of bespoke systems training. We’ve made a long and complicated process simple, scalable and speedy.

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Telephone based training doesn’t just mean podcasts there are plenty more e-learning resources available. Saffron’s unique i-Cast™ technology offers fully interactive, customised and trackable mobile training. It’s also quick, cost effective and scalable.

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To learn more about how Saffron can work with you to create a training blend that meets all your needs, or to request more information about any of our services and e-learning resources, visit the Contact us page to find out how to get in touch.

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