We know that no two clients and no two projects are the same – that’s why all our solutions are bespoke. And we’re also big supporters of thinking outside the box. But there are a few golden rules that we like to follow, just to help make sure that we’re delivering the very best, time after time.

  • Focus on behaviour

We’ve said it elsewhere, but we really do believe that effective e-learning focuses on the choices your people make every day. We take the time to set clear and testable objectives to ensure you get the behaviours your organisation needs. And we think you’ll agree that that’s time well spent.

  • Take the learner’s side

Perhaps we shouldn’t really talk about sides. But a great e-learning course should always recognise your learner’s points of view, articulate their concerns and answer their questions. We also take care to speak the learner’s language. So we don’t use jargon without explaining it first, and we put ourselves in the user’s shoes to ensure a learner-friendly experience.

  • Test then tell

So what’s wrong with the tell-and-test model you’re probably used to? It’s a poor experience for the learner and results in little more than a memory test of rote learning.

It’s much more effective to engage in a conversation with the learner. At Saffron, we use questions to find out what the learner already knows and build from there. We use carefully designed interactions and scenarios to test that learning is happening throughout the course and to keep it relevant to the learner’s day to day work.

  • Use realistic scenarios

We structure our training around plausible, everyday scenarios that present the learner with familiar choices and pose questions to which they may not yet have definitive answers. Our graphic designers make sure that the scenarios look and feel realistic as well.

Why do we do this? It provides a safe environment to make mistakes. It reduces training time. And, most importantly, it improves the probability that what has been learnt will be applied.

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