Saffron’s innovative i-Capture tool has transformed the scope of bespoke e-learning.

Earlier in 2008 Saffron won two Institute of IT Training Awards:

  • e-Learning Project of the Year (Silver)
  • External Project of the Year (Bronze)

Both these awards were for the same ambitious project, and it’s one we’re very proud of.

The client

Hilton International commissioned Saffron to develop an e-learning programme to support the global roll-out of a new property management system, OnQ. This required 55 hours of e-learning translated into eight languages.

The brief

Hilton required all team members to be trained in using OnQ before it launched. Saffron therefore needed to develop a system simulation to capture and replicate every function of the system. The first 30 hours had to be delivered within three months – even though the system itself wouldn’t be finalised until six weeks into the project.

The solution

Saffron considered using existing automated tools but encountered several problems:

  • Difficulty of multiple translations
  • Time needed to rework content to ensure sufficient quality
  • Unreliability on such a large scale project

Saffron therefore developed a new solution, called i-Capture. i-Capture simplifies the screen capturing process, supports both large scale projects and multiple translations, and enables many people across the world to work on the project at the same time.

The outcome

As planned, the team delivered the first 30 hours within three months of project initiation. In all, 55 hours of e-learning were deployed in 86 hotels in seven countries – all in less than a year.

The project figures show just how innovative and effective i-Capture was:

  • 50% reduction in development time
  • Two thirds reduction in man hours
  • One third reduction in development costs

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