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It’s all about innovation: Saffron at Learning Live

Saffron Interactive, creators of innovative learning content and platforms, will be exhibiting at Learning Live 2014 in London this week, returning to the event as a premium sponsor and launching its vision for the future of knowledge management. Karim, COO at Saffron Interactive, says “We’re looking forward to sharing our insight about how our elearning [...]

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Saffron is accredited by the LPI for the sixth year

This month Saffron Interactive, leading innovator in the digital learning sector, has been re-accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute (formerly the Institute of IT Training) for the sixth year running. The rigorous accreditation process requires that vendors demonstrate consistently excellent performance and give evidence of strategic transformation and innovation. The Learning Technologies Accreditation is [...]

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Saffron seminar to herald Knowledge Management 3.0

Saffron Interactive, leading innovators in the learning technology sector, are preparing to unveil their new vision for the future of the enterprise knowledge-base at the 2014 Learning Live show in Bishopsgate from 10-11th September. Saffron’s seminar will demonstrate how the power of the semantic CMS can unlock the latent people power in your organisation.  As [...]

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Saffron to denounce the ‘dinosaur LMS’ at LTSF

In a free seminar at tomorrow’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum, Saffron (Stand 20) will ask why we put up with LMS products and content repositories which are ten years behind the sites learners actually use. In their place, the seminar will introduce a radical new model for online learning environments, the Learning Experience Network (LEN), [...]

Monday, June 16th, 2014

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Who, what, where?

Saffron is a London based online and mobile learning provider, working with clients around the world. We develop bespoke e-learning, learning and training solutions on a variety of subjects. We don’t produce classroom training and we don’t produce off the shelf courses – everything we deliver is bespoke, built in partnership with our clients to deliver business results and improved performance.

At Saffron we like to do things a little differently

The people at Saffron are passionate about learning. You’re looking for improvements in performance and changes in behaviour. We’ll help you achieve those business benefits by focusing on the choices your people make every day. With Saffron’s bespoke e-learning, they’ll be making the right choices every time.

We’re not just another e-learning company interested in adding to the mountain of dull ‘e-telling’ that often masquerades as e-learning. We want your people to be inspired, to be energised, to make the right choices and to take action. This is why we’re in business.

The colour of Saffron

Our business is based on our belief that learning is natural, that a love of learning is normal, that real learning is passionate learning and the learning should – and can – be fun. We value questions above answers, creativity above fact regurgitation, individuality above uniformity and excellence above standardised performance.

However we evolve, you can rest assured that all our bespoke e-learning solutions embody these principles.

Take one market leading company specialising in blended learning solutions. Mix it with the expertise of an industry guru. The result? The Blended Learning Cookbook.

A couple of years ago Saffron collaborated with Clive Shepherd to produce a book of blended learning ‘recipes’. It was so well received that we’ve just produced an updated second edition – email us to order your copy now.

The Cookbook is full of great ideas, using practical examples and real life case studies to show how organisations can use a variety of training solutions deliver real results.


Contact us to find out more about Saffron’s approach to blended learning, or get in touch to tell us what your training need is and we’ll advise you on the most cost effective blend of online, instructor led and other training resources.

We believe that there is a sure fire formula for ensuring that your e-learning is relevant and engaging:

  • Focus on the choices your people make every day
  • Test behaviour, not factual knowledge
  • Use questions to drive the flow of content
  • Hold a conversation with the learner

This formula delivers business results and improved performance as well as user satisfaction – so it’ll keep you and your learners happy!

Saffron’s one day instructional design for e-learning workshop shows you how to put our formula into practice in your own e-learning. Our classroom training is as interactive as our online training, so at every stage you’ll learn by doing, and we’ll tailor the content to suit your organisation and your business needs.

Email us if you’re interested, or find out more about our approach to e-learning.

Even the most successful and interactive e-learning courses can be let down by badly thought out questions. All too often knowledge checks and assessments are, at best, unimaginative and, at worst, irrelevant and ineffective.

So how can you avoid this? The two main areas for improvement are content and style.

  • Questions are far more worthwhile if they test behavioural choice rather than factual recall
  • The best questions actually make the learner think, with plausible wrong answers
  • Multiple choice questions involve an element of luck and aren’t always the best approach (for instance, there are better ways to test the learner’s ability to follow a process or spot problems and act accordingly)

Writing engaging, effective assessments doesn’t have to be difficult. Saffron’s Workbench is a great solution, allowing you to quickly create a variety of interactive tests including multiple choice questions and matching pairs or myth and reality activities.

What’s more, the Workbench can be customised to suit your organisation and is SCORM compliant, so it can link to your LMS for tracking and reporting purposes.

If you want to add some zest to your assessments please contact us to find out more. If you’ve already downloaded it and want to let us know what worked and what would make it even better, we’d love to hear from you – email us your feedback.

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